PC Maintenance 101

Personal Computers of all types experience a “slow down” over time. This can occur for several reasons, but the primary focus of this article is to focus on those items an average PC user can fix. Primary amongst all of these strategies is behavior. Two of the main culprits in a computers degraded performance is […]

Migrate HDD to SSD on a Mac

Are you needing to clone (or migrate) a larger HDD drive to a smaller SSD drive on a Mac? Well, the fastest and most efficient way can be done completely using standard tools in OS X. This solution does not require any reinstall, all the way setup of user account and Mac settings, or separate […]

iOS 8.0.1 releashed

It’s only been a week and already we have an update for iOS 8. Today Apple unleashed an update to squelch a bunch of bugs found in the first version of its latest mobile operating system including one that kept HealthKit apps from being available in the App Store. The update is currently rolling out […]

Cloning a Hard Drive

t Northwind Computers, we clone drives quite frequently. Cloning is the process of running the Ghost software that copies all of the data from one hard drive to another hard drive. The destination hard drive can either be a blank drive or it could have data on it. Either way, the Ghost software will overwrite […]

Network Printer Sharing

Sharing printers on a network used to be a nightmare, especially if the computers were all running different operating systems. How to print on a shared printer, over a network with no passwords. 1. Install the printer drivers. In order to share a printer, it must be installed on the computer it is connected to. Most modern […]

Reliability of RAID 0

Reliability of a given RAID 0 set is equal to the average reliability of each disk divided by the number of disks in the set: That is, reliability (as measured by mean time to failure (MTTF) or mean time between failures (MTBF)) is roughly inversely proportional to the number of members – so a set […]

Terminal Server Printer Driver Port Redirection

When using RDP or Terminal Services Redirection often the client will log on to the remote computer and not have access to their local computers printer. There is a work around that can sometimes be applied using the wizard but often needs to be done manually and includes Registry editing. This can easily be done […]