Why Bother with SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set of best practices for getting a website or page ranked as highly as possible in one of the top search engines. SEOs (people who do search engine optimization) like to refer to “search engines” in the generic sense to be democratic, but in reality, Google is the […]

Google to Penalize Sites with Popup Ads Starting Jan ’17

Google announced that it will begin penalizing pages with intrusive interstitials — popup ads — beginning in January 2017: “Pages that show intrusive interstitials provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible. This can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller. To improve the mobile search experience, […]

First Get the SEO Basics Right!

Before you invest your time in optimizing off-page factors such as backlinks and social mentions, you should make sure that the on-page factors of your web pages are correct. On-page optimization is very important if you want to be found for the right search terms. If the content of your web pages isn’t good enough, […]

What to do with Google’s search algorithm change – again!

Google is continually changing the algorithms that they use to rank web pages. Things that worked great in the past can trigger a ranking penalty today. Search engine optimization and technology are always undergoing change and you have to make sure that you do the right things if you do not want to become obsolete […]

SEO is more sustainable than paid marketing

Paid search marketing is a quick and easy way to get listed on Google and other search engines for the keywords that are related to your business. Unfortunately, paid search marketing is also very expensive. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you to save money while getting more targeted visitors at the same time. What […]

Google SEO Makes Mobile-friendly Part of its Algorithm

Google announced the addition of mobile-friendly factors to the ranking algorithm. How will this change affect the rankings of your web pages and what do you have to do to benefit from this change? What exactly has Google announced? Starting on 21 April 2015, Google will be using mobile friendly factors in the ranking algorithm […]

SEO Trends for 2015

Google, along with most other search engines, update their algorithms often. Each new algorithm implementation means that one’s search engine ranking is always fluctuating based on their newest guidelines and trends.  This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is never complete and always on-going work. The trends for SEO – based upon Google’s latest algorithm […]