Understanding ImmutableID

If you use Directory Synchronization with Office 365 and are looking at a future Active Directory migration project, it’s critical that you understand ImmutableID. Below are some important concepts to understand around ImmutableID and potential ways to address it as part of Active Directory changes. Background If you install DirSync or AADSync with the defaults, […]

How to configure email to use SMTP relay from your server to Office 365

Office365 relay: Option 1 (recommended): Authenticate your device or application directly with an Office 365 mailbox, and send mail using SMTP client submission If your device or application can authenticate and send email using an Office 365 mailbox account, this is the recommended method. The device or application sends mail using SMTP client submission. In […]

Can I add custom subdomains or multiple domains to Office 365?

Most Office365 plans include the same features for domains. For example, you can add multiple custom domains, add subdomains, and decide whether you want to manage DNS for a custom domain yourself or have Office365 manage DNS for the domain. Review the information below to understand how you can use Office365 in your organization. The […]